October 12, 2009 Commissioners Meeting Minutes

October 12, 2009
8:00 p.m.

Commissioner President Michael Acierno, Commissioner Robert Heritage, Commissioner Katherine Farquhar, Town Clerk Cate McDonald, Academy Manager Andrea Scanlon, Treasurer Susan Johnson. Present during all or portions of the meeting was Town Resident Fred Teal, Gazette Reporter Terri Hogan

Minutes: The September 2009 Commissioners Meeting Minutes were approved.

Financial: The September financial report was reviewed.

Academy Update: No increase in rentals. Not much business anticipated from being an exhibitor at Olney Community Night. Commissioner Farquhar requested name tags for community events.

Long term renter, Jeff Issokson, is willing to barter services (replace linoleum flooring, redo the hardwood floors) to lower his monthly rent. The Commissioners debated the pros and cons of having Issokson perform the work but determined it will be an insurance liability risk.

Schoolhouse: Walter Blank has yet to communicate his bid proposal. Repeated attempts to contact Walter Blank have not yielded a response. Town Clerk will solicit bids to have gutters installed in the schoolhouse.

Brookeville Energy Cooperative: Fred Teal would like to start a Brookeville Energy Cooperative similar to those mentioned in the Washington Post article of September 19th entitled “To Go Solar, Start Local”. He would like to survey the Town, via the monthly newsletter, to see which homes would be interested in an energy cooperative. If there is sufficient interest, he will start with obtaining a home energy audit and devise the basic goals and structure for the energy cooperative. The Brookeville Town Commissioner gave approval for a survey to be included in the next Brookeville Times.

Climate Action: Fred Teal informed the Commissioner that on Oct. 24, 2009 there will be a rally at Malcolm X Park in DC for a Day of Climate Action. Mr. Teal, along with Town Resident Debbie Wagner, are organizing a battery operated candlelight vigil at 7:00pm Friday, Oct. 23 at the Brookeville Academy and plan passing out flyers to cars that are stuck in traffic on High St. and encourage people to attend the rally. Commissioner President Michael Acierno oks the use of the Academy ground for the candlelight vigil but stressed that the candlelight vigil is not sponsored or endorsed by the Town of Brookeville. In case of rain, the candlelight vigil will move inside the Academy.

Debt Policy: Maryland recently enacted a law requiring municipalities to:

  1. Adoption of a debt policy and submit the policy to the State Treasurer
  2. Submit information regarding indebtedness from variable rate debt instrument, interest rates, and any other future debt to both the State Treasurer and Dept. of Legislative Services.

The deadline for these 2 requirements was October 1, 2009. Treasurer Susan Johnson will ask the State for an extension. The Town Commissioners reviewed the proposed Debt Policy prepared by Commissioner President Acierno. The Town debt is deemed to be 13% of our revenue. The Commissioners agree to a 15% debt limit threshold of the Town’s total revenues.

Debt Policy is unanimously approved.

Town Hall Meeting: The Commissioners decided not to hold a Town Hall meeting November 2nd. Instead, they will request a meeting with MoCo Councilmembers in Rockville to discuss the Bypass. The request will be for a meeting on November 18th.

November’s Commissioner Meeting: Commissioner President Acierno will be out of Town Nov. 1-15. The Commissioners will meet November 23rd instead of the regularly scheduled Nov. 9th. If the MoCo Councilmembers cannot meet on Nov. 18th, the Commissioners will meet on Nov. 18th. Town Residents will be notified of the November meeting date once it has been solidified.

Leaf Removal: To save money this fiscal year, the vacuum leaf collection will not be offered. Only a handful of Residents use the offered vacuum leaf collection and the landscaper contract is a flat rate, not rate per house. Residents will be asked to bag their leaves and take them to the curb for collection on a soon to be announced yard waste day. The Town will encourage alternative methods for getting rid of leaves (mulch or compost) to save collection and disposal costs and to help the environment.

The Town will get a limited supply of paper yard waste bags for Residents.

309 & 311 Market St: Commissioner Robert Heritage gave an update. On Sept. 29th, the court gave the owner of 309 Market a decree that he needs to get a roof on his property or produce a sales contract or the court will issue a demolition order. The next hearing on this matter is scheduled for Nov. 17th.

Trees: Commissioner President Acierno will survey sites to determine quantity, species, and location of trees to be purchased from Tree-Mendous Maryland.

The meeting adjourned at 9:45 p.m.

Cate McDonald
Town Clerk