March 10, 2008 Commissioners Meeting Minutes

March 10, 2008

Present:  Commissioner Michael Acierno, Commissioner Robert Heritage, Commissioner Katherine Farquhar, Treasurer Susan Johnson, Clerk Paul Geib, Gazette Reporter Terri Hogan, Resident Barbara Ray

Minutes:   The February 2008 Commissioners Meeting minutes were approved.

Financial Report:  The December financial report was reviewed.

Heritage Days Registration:  The Commissioners discussed participating in Montgomery County Heritage Days in 2008.  Last year we had the Schoolhouse open Saturday and Sunday.  The Commissioners decided to have the schoolhouse open only on Saturday this year.  They asked the Clerk and Treasurer to submit the application.

Status of Academy Heat:  The Commissioners discussed the Academy heating alternatives.  We received three bids from installers of geothermal systems to install a geothermal system in the academy, and an estimate from an outside consultant of about $56,000.  This was a lower amount than the submitted bids.   They received the name of another potential installer at the meeting.  The Commissioners asked the Academy manager to contact this person and set up a meeting with them.

Vacancy Announcements:   The Vacancy Announcements for the Town Clerk and Brookeville Academy Managers positions have been completed.   The Clerk sent them to the people on our e-mail list and mailed to residents not on the list.  There will be an announcement in The Gazette and published on the Town website.

Clyde Unglesbee Request – Banner for Church Celebration May 17:  Resident Clyde Unglesbee inquired of President Acierno whether the Town would have any problem with Salem United Methodist Church stretching a banner across High Street.  The banner would announce the Church’s 175th Anniversary Celebration.  The Commissioners had no problem with that action.

Siemens Contract Renewal:  The Commissioners discussed the cost of the Siemens fire alarm system inspection and maintenance contract.  They decided to put the contract out for bid next year.

Richard Kirby vs. Pepco – Letter to/from Delegate Montgomery:  The Commissioners discussed a dispute that Richard Kirby, the developer of Powers Woods, was having with Pepco.  It involves the expense of placing the electric lines to the development underground.  Pepco is opposed to paying for the incurred cost.  They discussed contacting Delegate Montgomery for help in this dispute.  In addition, the group noted that the three street lights along North Street in Powers’ Woods are all out.  Previously only the lower one was out.  This may or may not be part of the dispute.  They will contact the Planning Commission and the developer for information.

Bypass Letter Response From Senator Kramer:  Senator Kramer sent the Town a copy of a letter that she sent to the County Executive regarding the need for the Brookeville Bypass.

Brookeville Times – request for residents submission of creative writing, reviews of restaurants, services, etc.:   The Commissioners discussed the opportunity to use The Brookville Times to share various thoughts and experiences of Town residents.  In addition to those mentioned these could include announcements of births, deaths, weddings and almost anything appropriate.  We will announce this idea in the next Times.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:57 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted by:

Paul R. Geib, Jr.