April 9, 2007 Commissioners Meeting Minutes

April 9, 2007

Present:  Commissioner Richard Allan, Commissioner Michael Acierno, Commissioner Robert Heritage, Treasurer Susan Johnson, Clerk Paul Geib.

Minutes:   The March 2007 minutes were approved as read

Financial Report:  The financial report was reviewed    The Treasurer will provide information to the Commissioners for the development of the 2007-2008 budget for the Town.  There should be money in the budget for landscaping and finishing of the parks and for sidewalks in front of the Academy.

Clerk’s Report:  Clerk Geib reported that the Academy floors were refinished on March 30th and April 3rd  and the windows were cleaned.  The renter on April 7 had to cancel because of concern over the smell from the March 30 polyurethane application.  There still is a rental on April 21st.   Leah Burch of the Maryland Historical Trust inspected the Academy grounds on March 15th to monitor the Town’s easement agreement with the State and found the condition of the building fine.  She mentioned that if the renovation or improvement of the grounds requires going over 12 inches in depth, archaeological resources will have to be protected.  Commissioner Allan reported that he got a letter from the Trust relating the results of the inspection.

On April 17th Warren Fishpay of Siemens will come by to evaluate the fire protection system for a possible upgrade.  On April 20th, Vance Petrella of LGIT will conduct the annual Hazard Evaluation Study.

Meeting with Waste Management: Commissioners Allan and Acierno and Clerk Geib met with Anna Carbajal of Waste Management (WM) regarding providing full service on Water and North Streets.  She said that this was possible but we would have to obtain a waiver from the residents of 108 Water Street to allow the trash truck to back into their drive way to turn around.

Ornamental Light Maintenance:  The Commissioners voted to use Kirby Electric of Rockville to maintain the Town’s ornamental lights.  The Clerk will send information to Kirby Electric regarding this decision and specifications for the lights.

Academy Grounds and Parks Improvement:  Bradley Site Design will inspect the Academy grounds on Wednesday, April 11th.  The Commissioners voted to add board-on-board fencing along the boundary of the School House lot and to fund the landscaping for Powers’ Wood Park.  The Town will work with Richard Kirby in purchasing plant materials as proposed by Slater and Associates.  Mr. Kirby is obtaining process from several nurseries he has dealt with.

School House:  The Commissioners discussed plans for finishing the School House.  Walter Blank will bill a simple porch based on discussions with Miche Booz and Richard Kirby over the stone steps at the east entrance.  He will also finish the weather-stripping of the two entrances.

2007 Election:  The Clerk reported that the closing date for nominations was April 10, the following day.  On April 17 the Board of Elections will send us the voter registration lists.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted by:

Paul R. Geib, Jr.