October 14, 2013 Commissioners Meeting Minutes

Commissioners Meeting Minutes

October 14, 2013

8 pm

Academy Office

Present:  Michael Acierno, Katherine Farquhar, Sue Daley, Susan Johnson, Diane Teague, Chris Scanlon, Andrea Scanlon, Stefan Syski

September Meeting Minutes: approved

MDA Document: Michael prepared MDA document to be submitted with the audit.

Budget: reviewed and accepted.

Academy Report: 

·       No new rentals other than regular. Submitted Maryland Historic Trust application for permission to bury propane tank.

·       National park service has plaque to install next to War1812 plaque. Michael has sent letter to MDHT giving permission to do this

·       Brookeville Angel: Town should decide about Angel and change the information about its location.

Bypass and Sidewalks: Planning Commission would like Commissioners approval to hire Doug Lohmeyer to act as town’s representative to the SHA for the bypass and sidewalks. Their main concern is that the town be involved and giving feedback during the planning and engineering phase of the project. Commissioners approve hiring Dour Lohmeyer. Michael had conversation with Kate Mazaro and the SHA does not want the piece of Route 97 that comes into Brookeville north of the bypass.  SHA cannot compel the town to take the road. The town has to decide if they want to take it over.

Request by Salem UMC: Salem UMC would like have an outdoor service on Sunday morning during the bicentennial weekend. A minister in period costume would perform the service. Sandy Heiler is concerned about historical accuracy.  Since Sunday events don’t start until noon and it would not be part of the scheduled events.  Commissioners feel there are no grounds for objection.  It is private property and not within the Commissioner’s purview to tell the Church what they can do.  Decision is to not interfere.

Bicentennial Events and planning:

·       There will be a Grant Award Ceremony on Oct 21 from 10-11am at the Academy. Brookeville will receive a grant from the Bicentennial Commission.  The funds will be used to finance the documentary.  Bill Penchek may get the Governor to present the check.  There will be a reception at the Madison House afterwards.  Clerk will send email asking people not to park on the street.

·       James and Dolley Madison Supper: Up to 20 reserved tables which can be increased to 30.  Sixteen interns are coming.  No sponsorship donors yet.  Need to compose IRS deduction letters.  Need to put notice on website when capacity has been met.

·       Grant Management: Michael Yeshenko is concerned about discrepancy between language in grant and how money is actually being spent. Grant has flexibility. To protect everyone concerned new policy will be to send written notification to grantors explaining any deviations in spending from the terms of the grant.

Sidewalk Repair: Discussion of proposal from Bartley Corporation of $62,000.00.  Some of the proposed work is not necessary. Question of railing for sidewalk where slope is steep on west side of North St.  Since it is a historic district and there isn’t a railing, installing one will be increasing liability.  Planning Commission should review proposal.  Sidewalk should be connected between 307 Market St. and Madison House. 


Open Discussion: In general the Commissioners and the Planning Commission should be planning what the town should look like after the bypass.  Considering questions such as: After the bypass would the town put a sidewalk from the Madison House to WSSC or from Salem to Brookeville Rd.

Large Trash pickup: The curbside option is not available.  They would charge per household Dumpster prices are: 10 cu yds: $700;  20 cu yds:$830;  30 cubic yds:$950.  Bagsters are $18-$25 each.  Waste Management will charge $154 for first bagster and $118 for each additional bagster. Decision to arrange for dumpster.  Place in School House parking lot.


Adjourn: 9:30 pm


Respectfully Submitted by:

Diane Teague