November 12, 2012 – Commissioners Meeting Minutes

Town of Brookeville Commissioners Meeting Minutes
November 12, 2012

Commissioner Sue Daley, Commissioner Katherine Farquhar, Academy Manager Andrea Scanlon and Treasurer Susan Johnson were present. Present during all or portions of the meeting were Gazette Reporter Terri Hogan and town resident, Harry Montgomery and Sandy Heiler.

Minutes: No October minutes to approve

Financial: the Financial Report was emailed. Harry Montgomery suggested that the budget should be on the town website. Susan stated that both the budget and yearly financial statements were put up in the past. She will get the information and get it on the website. Harry asked if we knew what other towns were paying in taxes. Susan will look up that information and bring to next meeting.

Madison House Dinner: A dinner was held at the Heilers house on Nov 10, 2012 for the county executive, members of the county council, our delegates, people from the state highway administration, and our congressional representative Sarbanes. The purpose was to make clear the need for the bypass to protect the town’s historic resources. The commissioners decided to send a thank-you letter to those who attended and another letter to those who couldn’t come, along with a copy of the framed print of a watercolor by Miche that we gave to the guests.

War of 1812: Sandy Heiler requested that the town start looking for people who would like to serve on the War of 1812 committee. She would like the committee to start meeting in January of 2013. Sandy will send information to Terri Hogan for the Gazette and to clerk for the Brookeville Times. There will be a symposium on Sept 28, 2013 from 9:00 am – 7:00 pm… Also the bicentennial will be Labor Day weekend of 2014. Sandy stated that we should have exact dates by May 2013. The committee will discuss plans and the number of days the events will take place. She also suggested that the commissioners have a brief overview of the progress at the May town meeting and perhaps another separate meeting.

On December 4, Sandy will be meeting with resident Michael Yesenko and Commissioner Acierno to discuss grant writing.

Academy Report: Andrea reported that there has not been much change in usage. She had the smoke alarm replaced in the kitchen. She also had the elevator inspected and it passed.

Town Holiday Party: We need to get invitations out to the town residents as well as another reminder in the next newsletter. We also need to be sure that LesUnglesbee is invited. Andrea offered to try and get as many updates of names, e-mails, etc for the Town Directory at the party. A list of what is needed for the party will be sent out and the commissioners, Susan and Andrea will split up the list.

Large Item Pick up: No one was sure if the dates had been set. We may need to postpone till spring.

Open Discussion: Andrea stated that Chris Scanlon, PC chair will be meeting with Pepco on Nov 14 to review tree placement.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00p.m.

Susan Johnson, Treasurer