November 8, 2010 Commissioners Meeting Minutes

November 8, 2010
8:00 p.m.

Commissioner President Michael Acierno, Commissioner Robert Heritage, Commissioner Katherine Farquhar, Town Clerk Cate McDonald, Treasurer Susan Johnson. Academy Manager Andrea Scanlon was not in attendance.    Present during all or portions of the meeting were Town Residents Fred Teal, Debbie Wagner, Sandy Heiler, Mary Kay Spagnolo, and Sandy Spring Museum Executive Director Sharon Holt.

Minutes: The September Commissioners Meeting Minutes were approved; the October Commissioners Meeting Minutes were not available.

Financial:  The October financial report was not available.   Quickbook transition is still in progress and should be completed by this Thursday.  Any reports currently cannot be printed.  The audit for FY’09-10 is available in print form.

Emergency Preparedness:    Town Residents Fred Teal and Debbie Wagner requested residential emergency preparedness be included as an agenda item due to concerns raised during last winter’s weather and this year’s summer storms.   They want to find out what we can do as a Town during power outages and severe weather; how did other Town Residents cope; the possibility of outfitting the Brookeville Academy as an emergency shelter.  They want to survey Town Residents to see who has a generator, a snow blower, a way to heat their house without power and who is willing to share these resources during an event.   In response, the Town Commissioners approved doing basic research to inventory needs and resources that Residents of the Town of Brookeville might want to register in cases of severe weather or snow interruptions such as we had with last winter’s blizzards and this summer’s violent windstorms to pinpoint neighbors who should have someone check in with them when power’s out or travel is impossible, and neighbors who might take initiative to support the community in managing households’ needs if the County and State resources are late in coming or aren’t operative.

During this discussion, Debbie Wagner stated that while she was out walking late evening / early morning of Oct. 30, someone had used the amphitheater’s fire ring and left it smoldering.  There was also evidence of drinking.  Ms. Wagner called the Fire Department to ensure the fire was completely extinguished.  She would like a sign erected with regulations on the amphitheaters use.   Commissioner Farquhar wants to make sure any resident using the amphitheater follows MoCo regulations for recreational burns.     There was additional discussion that the people using the amphitheater must be local kids because of the location.  It was agreed that there will be a reminder in the newsletter about the amphitheater and fire regulations.

War of 1812 Committee:  The following Town Residents have volunteered to the War of 1812 Committee:  Mary Kay Spagnolo, Sandy Heiler, Daniel Laughlin, Margaret Kay, and Barbara Ray.  Sandy Spring Museum Executive Director Sharon Holt (who also serves on the Board of Heritage Montgomery) stated that the Museum would like to co-host the grant process for any War of 1812 events.    Heritage Montgomery has a funding pot from the State and that the State is very aggressive about promoting War of 1812 events.  Ms. Holt asked for a collective agreement with the Town for grant to the State for an event that would occur in 2014.  Since the museum is a non-profit, Ms. Holt suggests that we use the museum as a grant conduit.  Sandy Heiler asks what, if any, partnership there would be between Brookeville and Fort McHenry since their histories overlap.  Also, the Town would need to network with other War of 1812 sites.  There was talk of bus tours, conferences about the importance of the War of 1812 and using the Brookeville Academy as a venue for seminars and conferences and try to promote Brookeville as a center of education.    The newly formed committee will meet and brainstorm ideas and start the organizational process.

Snow Removal:  Susan Johnson talked to Todd Greenstone and asked him to send an amended contract to increase the amount of snow to 4 inches of accumulation before removal and to not clear personal driveways until all of the Town maintained streets have been cleared and made passable.   An updated contract should be mailed out.  Susan Johnson also talked to Mark Ennes about his rates, which is $12 per inch for snow removal at the Academy.  Mark Ennes said in a big snow (like this past winters back-to-back blizzards) he will not able to manually clear the snow from the Academy because he does not have the equipment.    Susan was unsure at what threshold would be considered a big snow.  If another major snowstorm comes this winter, the Town will ask Todd Greenstone to clear the front of the Academy.

309 & 311 Market Street:  next hearing for the Wells’s property is tomorrow, Nov 9th in the afternoon.  Commissioner President Acierno and Commissioner Farquhar cannot make the hearing; Commissioner Heritage is unsure. Commissioner President Acierno spoke to the County attorney and expressed his frustration.  The next step would be to declare the home a public nuisance.

Academy Update:  the Academy reports were reviewed.

Town Holiday Party:  The Commissioners approved having a non-perishable food drive to support Olney Help at the party.   Commissioner Farquhar will cook a turkey for the party.

Open Discussion:  The American Legion will hold a Flag Disposal ceremony Dec 4th outside on the Academy lawn.  A notice will be placed in the newsletter.

The meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Cate McDonald
Town Clerk