July 15, 2014 Commissioners Meeting Minutes

Commissioners Meeting Minutes

Tuesday July 15 2014

 7 PM

Present: Katherine Farquhar, Sue Daley, Buck Bartley, Michael Acierno, Sandy Heiler, Duane Heiler, Andrea Scanlon, Diane Teague


BICENTENNIAL (Sandy/Michael)

July 22 Star Spangled Banner Sign Dedication: 3-4 PM @ Academy: Dignitaries, Townspeople, Town staff and commissioners invited. Town will provide refreshments. Clerk will ask Miche Booz to photograph the event for use in event publications.


Aug. 30-31 Events

Town Resident Engagement Process:  Attendance at Town Meeting. Distribute Resident Handbook about events.

Permitting/Vendors: Beer/Wine authority has been approved.  Trash Contract has been approved.  Traffic plan implementation bid $31,000.00. Permits are approved. Town needs to approve placement of Port-o-pots.  Siting for Food Truck Diners has been approved.  Need to make 35 numbered parking passes for Longwood for residents who have essential need to leave during road closure such as:  work, medical, visiting nurse. Need an additional 10 permits for officials attending event.

Misc.: Grant covers price of dinners for re-enactors.  Tent will fit 500 diners at tables which can be increased to 1000 with additional tent and will be determined by early ticket sales.


Special Town Meeting:  MONDAY AUGUST 11 7 PM


June 28 Heritage Days Tours: Event went well.

June minutes: approved with corrections

Brookeville Times: Include information about parking, town meeting, resident handbook, change of date for August Commissioners Meeting from the 11 to the 18 at 7 pm. Town Clean up to be held August 23 from 8 am -11 am at the Academy

Susan Johnson will create Google Calendar for staff/commissioner vacation   coverage.

Pothole repair needed asap for deep hole on the east side of Market St.

Budget: Monthly reports and budget approved

Academy Rental & Maintenance: Nothing to report.

Town Maintenance Updates:

Schoolhouse Cleanup was successful, will send thank you to Boy Scouts.

Wait to address town sign replacement until September.

Update sidewalks (Church sidewalk and Market Street): Bartley Corp. to begin work

Update speed limit sign for Water Street: Signs installed.

Landscaping on The Hill (down from Madison House): There has been progress towards stabilizing and fixing erosion problem.  Need to schedule two visits to plant and weed.

Need street and gutter clean up, trees near graveyard.  Need to fix grass and plantings where sidewalk repair is being done by Acierno’s and Heritage’s.  Street lights need to be repaired.

WSSC: Will raise manhole covers at pumping station to 2 ft. above 100 year flood plain level.

Low Verizon Wires across Heilers’ Will request that Karen Montgomery contact utility to get repair.  Buck will call also.

Buck Bartley will also address overhanging branches and low traffic sign at High St. and Market St. by Bell and Frech that is hazard to pedestrians.

Brookeville Bypass: No meeting held in July.

Other Business:                                                                               

Terri Hogan/Gazette Coverage cutback: Unfortunate timing right before events.

New Resident Greeting

Resident communications: New residents in Valley House and 2 High St. need to be         contacted.

Sept. Meeting: Strategic Priorities, Plan for 2014-15

Post-Bicentennial Town Celebration:  Sept. 21, 4 PM Town Directory


Adjourn:  9:30


Respectfully Submitted by Diane Teague