September 8, 2014 Commissioners Meeting Minutes

Town of Brookeville

Commissioners Meeting Minutes

Monday September 8, 2014

7 PM



Present: Katherine Farquhar, Sue Daley, Buck Bartley, Sandy Heiler, Chris Scanlon, Susan Johnson, Diane Teague, Barbara Ray, Debbie Wagner


Town/Sandy received thank you letter from Mike Miller.

Preliminary estimates of attendees are: >7500 for Saturday and >3000 for Sunday or 10-11k people over both days. Final estimates were amended to 10,000 by Don Moore’s observations from the Academy Schoolhouse.

Event Expenditures:  Payments for event expenses are still going out against grants.  Heritage Montgomery has gotten a $10,000.00 grant for the Bicentennial.  Letters to granting agencies need to be sent out requesting final installments.

Costumes:  Grants for costumes stipulated that they be donated after the events.  The dragoon uniforms will be donated to the re-enactors who wore them. The civilian clothing will be donated to theatre groups.  Some can be sold possibly on ETSE or EBay or at sale at the Academy.

Donations: Most groups who volunteered to help with bicentennial events will receive donations. Our House will receive a cash donation and an Academy Rental for their auction, the Boy Scouts and the Montgomery County Police and the Maryland Horse Society will receive cash donations.

Unsold bicentennial merchandise: The unsold coins will be returned for a refund, T shirts will be sold and, cups will be given away and the Special Edition of the Brookeville Times will be donated to schools.  The Sandy Spring Museum will receive a folder with samples of all the materials printed for the events.

Disposition of Flags: Fifteen star flags will be kept to fly on Memorial Day, Labor Day and the Fourth of July.  Some replacements will be necessary.  Buck will take a count to estimate the number needed.  The flag flying at the Academy will be lowered at the Town Picnic folded and preserved in a flag case.

Twenty seven belong to Sandy and Duane. Some will be donated to people and groups that helped including the boy scouts, police, Ike Leggett and Mike Miller.


Inn at Brookeville Farms: Planning Commission President: Chris Scanlon

The Inn is proposing to build five 8 room cottages for a total of 40 rooms.  The property to be developed is behind the inn, is not within the town limits and will not be visible.  They will use existing parking and curb cuts. The existing entrance will stay the same.


  • As before there is a question of the impact on the bypass by triggering a smart growth violation by increasing the traffic. They don’t expect a greater number of guests only that some percentage will be spending the night.
  • The project will somehow increase development.
  • Overnight guests will create noise late at night disturbing the neighbors.
  • The project’s purpose is to make the property more attractive to sell.
  • What happens if the Inn fails?

Possible Advantages:

  • Are there potential tax revenues for the town?
  • Can the town gain amenities such as better pedestrian access.
  • Katherine Farquhar walked property with attorney Michelle Rosenfeld and discussed any mutually beneficial possibilities to the project.

It is agreed that the Commissioners and the Planning Commission should have a coordinated response. The Inn’s tenant Mary Ellen has approached SUMC for support.  It is anticipated she will make the same request of the town although the town does not have any veto power over the project. For the present a neutral position will be taken.  The Commissioners will invite Inn representatives to the next Planning Commission Meeting to make a presentation and answer questions. The Town Commissioners will also attend.


Sept. 21 Town Picnic: Andrea and Town Staff/Commissioners

Logistics & Responsibilities:  Town will provide burgers, veggie burgers, hot dogs, beverages and condiments.  Andrea will pick up dessert from Rita’s.

  • Notice to Town: Email invitations and postcards will be sent by the clerk.
  • Town Directory: Andrea has updated list with a few names still missing.  Commissioners will get information from those residents.
  • Don Moore and Buck will grill.
  • Clerk will contact Todd Van Gelder to provide music.
  • Clerk will pick up supplies from Costco
  • Program – Follow up of Bicentennial:
    • Awards: various participation awards will be presented by the Commissioners
    • Citations: Karen Montgomery will present special citations.
    • Academy Bicentennial Flag:  The fifteen star flag flown at the Academy for the bicentennial will be brought down and preserved in a glass flag case at the Academy.


Post Bicentennial Meeting: Reflections & Learnings: The town will invite residents and key partners to a meeting at the Academy to reflect on the event and its lessons for Brookeville.  It will take place on September 22 from 7:00-9:00 pm. There will be a continuous loop slide show during the meeting.

The meeting will address the following two questions:

  • What contributed to the success of the events?
  • What was learned going forward?

The Clerk will send email and postcard invitations to residents.



  • Review/approve August minutes: approved with corrections
  • Budget: (Documents: sent by Susan)
  • The monthly report covers two months.  A budget number per tax formula is still needed from Michael Aceirno.  There has been a lot of activity.  There is still grant money that hasn’t been received.  Sandy and Susan will finalize
  • Review/sign new budget final page
  1. $3000 will go to Salem for food materials Aug.30-31
  2. Auditor visited last week
  • Academy Rental & Maintenance: Andrea
  • Underground propane tank will be installed in the next two weeks.  This will allow open market purchases through the National Propane Buyers Club.
  • Olney Community Night: Town has a table as usual on Oct. 20 from 5-8:30 pm.
  • The town will donate an Academy rental to the Good Council High School Auction.
  • Holiday Party Date: December 6 at 6:00 pm.  Clerk will put announcement in newsletter.
    • Town Maintenance Updates
      • Neal Leary (301.802.2941) & road maintenance contract:
      • Bartley Construction: Not all of the work on the contract was performed in the end and will be deducted from the contract price.


  • Brookeville Times:  Announcements for September 29 meeting and Holiday Party



Remaining agenda items deferred to October meeting:

  • Leaf removal this fall
  • WSSC in action at East of Town
  • Brookeville ByPass


  • Other Business:

Discussion beyond Sept. Meeting: Strategic Priorities for 2014-15++

  1. Late Fall/Winter – consider future of Brookeville.
  2. Align Commissioner Priorities and Town priorities/needs.
  3. Open discussion:
  4. Adjourn: 9:30

Respectfully Submitted by:

Diane Teague